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Rotary Extractors:
Rotary DriMaster and RX-20

Scott Nance, Breeze Carpet Cleaning Inc.
Flower Mound, TX

"I own a Rotary DriMaster and 2 DriMaster Upholstery tools. I am currently looking to obtain aRX-20. I am a true believer in the DriMaster products.

The DriMaster products set us apart from our competition (shhh!  don't tell anyone). These tools are the best thing to happen to the carpet cleaning industry since Hoover way back when. It is less stress on my technicians and the quality (which is my number one concern) is second to none.  When I created my company (March of 2006) I insisted on obtaining a Rotary DriMaster. I researched the market and this fine tool did not have an equal.  Everyday I realize that this single tool allows my company to say that we deliver the best possible quality. I sing your praises to my customers (but not my competition). I have a page dedicated to the equipment that we use (maybe not a good decision - our competitors might find out our secret), but I want my customers to know the high caliber equipment we use. It is nice to follow the old school boys around town and provide cleaner carpets that are almost dry (if not completely dry) by the time we leave. Let me break this down into a simple equation:

3/4 ton van - $27,000.00
Truck Mount, equipment, and supplies - $30,000.00
Computers, software, credit card machine - $2,000.00
DriMaster Tools - Priceless"

Thomas M. Juszli, Hydra Carpet Cleaning Co.
Akron, OH

[Excerpts from Thomas' wonderful letter he mailed us.]

Back in 1968, when I was Junior in High School, I took a job as a clean-up boy. In 1974 I decided to buy my own truck mounted unit and start my own business. My first truck mount unit was a HydraMaster Baron. In 1975 things went well and I purchased a new HydraCat unit. I have purchased a 4.0 CDS unit which works great. Then I went to a 4.5 CDS unit, WOW! That was a big move; it made a huge difference in productivity. I purchased a new 4.8 CDS unit last year and WOW again! More vacuum and fuel efficiency! So now I have a slide in HydraCat unit that is 32 years old, a 4.5 that is 16 years old and a 4.8 that is 6 months old. I still go out into the field and clean 5-6 days a week. I have an RX-20 and 2 Power Glides. A RX-20 just keeps going and going, just like the Energizer Bunny. I am going on 39 years of the carpet field and still enjoy watching how clean the carpets come and how they look when we are done. Thank you HydraMaster for the best carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals around!!!

Steve Borders, McDowell Supply
Seattle, Washington

"I did a demo in Wenatchee the other day with an RDM. Perfect house to test it out in. The bedrooms and hallway had a long cut pile (almost a shag). The traffic area was dirty, but not too bad. Living room and dining room each had area rugs that were trashed and I mean bad ( as you can see from this picture [ Click to enlarge ] ...that’s dirt not the lay of the pile...the swirl marks from where we cleaned raked right out.) The rec room had an uneven olefin that was pretty bad. The RDM cleaned all of it well. The cut pile was dry enough by the time we were done that you could have walked on it in socks and not gotten your toes wet. I was smart enough to bring a brand new RDM in a box with me because it was sold halfway through the job."

Chuck Turner, Turner Carpet Cleaning
Greenbay, WI

Chuck is a carpet cleaner using the RX-20. He states on his web site the rotary extractor "to be an indispensable piece of equipment in our cleaning arsenal."

He recently told us, "I have been using HydraMaster equipment since Jerry S. was selling in our area for your company.  I am very pleased with your equipment and highly endorse it."

"I am especially grateful that you have Dennis working in the service department.  He 'knows his product' like no one I have ever known.  He has bailed me out of problems with the equipment on several occasions, saving us precious time.

Curt Johnson, Healthy Cleaning Carpet & Tile
Anthem, AZ

"Some guys have said that you can't use the RDM on really dirty carpet, to that I say, why wouldn't you? I use it on everything! I get 45 minute dry times. All I know is that I use the RDM without harsh chemicals and it makes the carpet look like new. I was cleaning in a rental house, it was literally black with spills in front of where the couch had been. I used mild chemicals and the RDM ...It came out so good that the rental agent could not believe that he didn't have to replace the carpet. That's why I love the RDM."

Sam Patton, Service Team of Professionals
Ft. Valley, GA

"I have spent the last week using both of these machines [Rotary DriMaster (RDM) and Rotovac]. I got both of them to decide which one I really wanted to keep. With my puny Legend I will probably keep the RDM. Definitely dries the carpet fast, cleans 90% of what I do, is much quieter, is easier to maneuver."

Jeff Baker, Aurora OH

When asked about the RDM, Jeff said he had 3 stories to show why he loves the RDM.

  1. Jeff received a call from the manager of an apartment complex he cleans. The manager was frantic because they had a tenant ready to rent out their model unit that Jeff had cleaned 6 months earlier. The new tenant came for the pre-inspection she said that the carpet was filthy and needed to be replaced and “Oh, I’m still moving in tomorrow morning”. Jeff went to work with the RDM. When the new tenant arrived at 8:00 am she exclaimed "Did you replace this carpet, it looks brand new”. Jeff did charge extra for ‘rotary cleaning’. The complex was more than happy to pay it.

  2. The new tenants of a rental house called Jeff to have their carpet cleaned. They had a berber carpet that they said was black with dirt. Jeff told them about his ‘Super Sucker’ HydraMaster 4.8 CDS and said that for a little more he would use his new hi tech rotary machine. They weren’t sure about that, so he cleaned ½ a room with a wand and ½ with the RDM. They were astonished to find that the carpet was cream colored, the RDM ½ any way. Needless to say they were more than happy to pay the ‘Rotary Fee’. Jeff has also received several referral jobs from them.

  3. Jeff cleans an auto dealership with over 2500 sq ft of low pile, glued down olefin, as in cheap. They were using 2 trucks and 4 wands, with HM CDS 4.8’s. They cleaned it first with wands and then the owner of the dealership watched as Jeff ran the RDM over the heavy traffic areas. The clear extraction window on top of the machine showed how much dirt they were getting out of freshly cleaned carpet. To everyone’s astonishment the extracted water cleared and ran clean as the RDM removed the dirt as it moved over the carpet. The owner was so impressed that he had Jeff clean his home, his brother's home and the dealership manager's home, all using the Rotary DriMaster, of course.

It’s pretty easy to see why Jeff is a big fan of HydraMaster’s new Rotary DriMaster!

Charlie Helferich, Charlie's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Ruston, LA

"I wanted to tell you about a carpet I cleaned recently with my Rotary DriMaster. Next to my Boxxer, I feel this is the next best investment I made. The carpet I was cleaning was in a vacant home that a family was moving into. It was a totally trashed out Olefin that had been abused by the previous owners. I pretreated the carpet and cleaned with my DriMaster. If I was not the one cleaning , I would not have believed how clean the carpet came. It was like new. I don't feel that I could have produced the same results with just a wand. The new homeowner was happy as was I. I got a new cheerleader out of it, and the satisfaction that comes with doing a good job."

John Geyer, Acme Carpet Cleaning

"I have now purchased 3 Rotary DriMasters. They are incredible. The carpets we clean have been drying in 1-2 hours. It gives me an incredible advantage over anyone who is not cleaning with them. You have revolutionized how carpet is to be cleaned again."

Craig, Imbodeus Carpet Cleaning

"I surely don't miss pushing a wand anymore" was Craigs comment when asked what he thought of the RDM. He states that the RDM cleans better than a wand with less work and fatigue. He feels that it is ..."a good selling tool 'cause no one has ever seen anything like it." Craig feels that he can charge more money because he now has the latest equipment and it does such a good job. Craig also loves the DriMaster Upholstery tool.

Arnel, All Clean Enterprises

"Body aches are a thing of the past. This machine cleans better with ease... My customers are amazed at the appearance of their carpets and speed their carpets dry."

Noah, Carpet One

"I love it, I don't know what I did without it... I use it every day, every single job. I love the RDM for residential. It is faster and more convenient. It fits around and under furniture with ease."